Montessori education is named after its founder, Maria Montessori, whose views on early education were based on three main principles: observation, preparation of the environment, and individual freedom. The Montessori teacher serves as a link between the children and the prepared environment.

The benefits of the Montessori method include:

  • The building of self-esteem by engaging in self-directed, non-competitive activities.
  • Learning at individual paces.
  • The provision of a natural sense of discipline and a prepared environment.
  • A medium for children to work for the joy of working.
  • A child centred environment where all Montessori materials are placed on child level shelves.

Our fully qualified Montessori teacher will cover all aspects of the early years curriculum:

  • Language and literacy
  • Mathematical
  • Personal and social
  • Creative and aesthetic
  • Physical
  • Knowledge of the world

In addition to the Montessori morning session, other activities include arts and crafts, cookery, song and dance, gardening, music and drama. Finally, throughout the year outings are arranged to attractions such as the Zoo, Farm and Theatre.

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